The Studio

"Studio" is an Italian word for "office", but can also be intended with its English meaning of "the workroom or atelier of an artist, as a painter or sculptor." Believe it or not, science has shown that translation—even the most technical and specialised—requires creativity. Translating is like turning a picture into a painting or a sculpture: you need to say the same thing, but in a different fashion, and with different means and tools.

Mrs Giulia Ghizzoni is a certified translator, registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia register of expert translators under no. 714. She works with her colleague Mrs Maria Antonietta Ferro to deliver translations in English, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German.

She has translation offices in Italy, in Perugia and Livorno, and she uses full end-to-end tracking couriers to ship her translations everywhere in the world.

Picture of Giulia Ghizzoni

Giulia Ghizzoni

Expert Translator of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia (No. 714). Diploma in Business Studies and Languages. Specializing in official, corporate, legal, and medical translations.

Picture of Maria Antonietta Ferro

Maria Antonietta Ferro

Collaborates with Giulia to provide legal translations in Spanish, French, and German.