I translate, edit, and revise scientific works for scholars of various fields, such as the humanities, and medicine.

If you think an automatic translation software may not work for you, that is because the software has no brain—and it cannot understand what a text means. This also means that you, as a scholar, recognize the importance of what distinguishes us from many other living creatures—understanding, and our cognitive functions in general.

I try to be as accurate as possible in various ways:


  • I only accept to translate what I think I can understand;
  • When there is something I do not understand, I ask, and make researches;
  • This is why sometimes the translation of a few words may take hours…
  • I thus may happen to search in academic databases, e-libraries, etc., to ensure that I gain sufficient understanding of what is said, and ground the phrasings of my translation on appropriate literature.

I’ll be happy to take a look or read the work you need to have translated, so that we can discuss it and see if I can be of any assistance.