Translation of an ordinary Certificate of Incorporation

If you need a certified translation of your Company’s certificate of incorporation, as well as any other business-related document, we can provide you with it.

This kind of documents contains all the particulars of the company (name, tax code, Register of Companies number, Chamber of Commerce registration number, legal structure), economic information (share capital, total shares) as well as legal information (registration number and date, legal structure, headquarters, company purpose and business) regarding businesses duly registered with the Register of Companies, and it thus requires careful attention to detail.


Mrs Giulia Ghizzoni is a certified translator, expert of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia no. 714. Thanks to the collaboration with her colleague Dr Ferro, she is able to provide you with translations in English, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German.

Her offices are in Perugia and Livorno. She delivers worldwide by full end-to-end tracking couriers requiring signature on delivery.