Translator at wedding ceremony in Italy

Here are a few things you may want to know – well in advance – …

You have already arranged your civil and religious wedding in Italy, you’ve designed and coordinated your ceremony – or you may have had your wedding planner do it for you –  … But no matter what your religion is (Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Orthodox, Buddhist …), or if it’s going to be a symbolic ceremony, you may not know that a sworn certified translator is needed to give your wedding legal validity.

From the law perspective, a wedding is basically an agreement between two people. And obviously, two people cannot enter an agreement if they don’t understand the language in which the agreement is written and read by the public official (being it the Mayor, the Priest, …).

To give your wedding ceremony instant legal validity, a sworn certified translator (interpreter) can translate all the ceremony for the spouses, and can make it understandable for them and their guests.

You will be most likely required to provide the Mayor and the Municipality (“Comune”) with a certified translation of your No Impediment to Marriage. Your translator can do all this for you:

  • Certified Translation of your No Impediment to Marriage;
  • Translation of the ceremony;
  • Translation of the paragraphs of the Italian Civil Code that will be read during the ceremony;
  • Interpretation of the Minutes of the ceremony;
  • Signing with you at the Mayor House / Municipality (“Comune”) of the city/town where you’re marrying;
  • everything else that may turn out to be necessary for legal purposes …

In Italy I have offices in Verona and Perugia, so I can be of help in the wonderful cities and small towns in the surrounding area, including Vicenza, Mantova, the towns on Garda LakeFlorence (Firenze), Assisi, Spoleto, Gubbio, … and wherever else you’re planning to held your wedding ceremony.

I can be present in person to your wedding, and translate the ceremony into a variety of languages: I work with Italian, English and Portuguese ceremonies, whereas my colleague Maria Antonietta takes care of ceremonies in French, and Spanish. It goes without saying that our first language is Italian, so you can rest assured we are familiar with all these legal matters.

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions you may have. If I can’t help you in person, I can always suggest you a good colleague of mine for your needs.