Website & Marketing

Words thought to create positive emotions in clients of your target country, as well as phrases meant to represent the corporate identity of your company, will not maintain their function if translated literally.

When the words you choose are intended to make your potential clients buy, the words in the new translated text will assist you in achieving the same goal. A literal translation won’t do the trick.

When it comes to marketing or creative material, translation in itself is not always the solution to your language requirements. Literal translation can also not be adapted to appear as though it has been written for a specific market, such as when alliteration or key phrases need to be maintained.

Translating a brochure, or a website, or even a phrase for an advertising campaign, requires the translator to adapt the whole text to the new target, so it can achieve the same goals as your original text .

Examples of documents of which you may require a translation:

  • Website translation, brochure translation, catalogue translation
  • Advertorial translation, press release translation
  • User guide translation, business communication and email translation
  • Translation for blogs and social networks (news, posts, status translation)
  • Consulting for building new marketing and communication strategies
  • Creation of a marketable business name in a foreign language (business name in Chinese, company name in Chinese, …)
  • Strategies to find suppliers, manufacturers, producers and distributors abroad


Mrs Giulia Ghizzoni is a certified translator, expert of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia no. 714. Thanks to the collaboration with her colleague Dr Ferro, she is able to provide you with translations in English, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German.

Her offices are in Perugia and Livorno. She delivers worldwide by full end-to-end tracking couriers requiring signature on delivery.